You want to discover the unique sensations of racing a bike on the track, or maybe you would like to try this track in the south but you just can’t bring your own race bike there… We bring our rental bikes to the track-day and we organise everything for you, you just have to come with your equipment and race the bike!
To hire a track-bike from us, you should contact us to book one of our track-bikes for one of the track-days among the ones shown in our calendar. Our rental service includes every cost of racing the bike on the track, as follows:
  • Track-bike hire
  • Track-day registration ans booking fees
  • Riding costs (fuel, tyres, …)
  • Mandatoy insurance fees for the pilot
  • Availability of the main replacement parts for the bike

Once arrived at the circuit you will meet our team who speak French, English, Spanish and German, at any moment we can assist you to be sure that you understand everything correctly. You are welcome in our hospitality, we will provide fresh drinks, technical support for the bikes and rider support adapted to your level. We can provide on-board camera service as well, at extra cost.


  • All skill levels accepted, separated in 3 goups
  • Track days usually consists of six 20 minutes sessions, from 8h30 to 17h00
  • Back protector, 1 or 2 piece racing suit and racing boots are mandatory and available from us at extra cost if you can’t bring them
Schedule of the track-day:

At the beginning of the day is a briefing on safety instructions by the event organisation, which is mandatory. Then there is an additional briefing by our team before each session, which you can choose to assist or not depending on your level.






  • Briefing on safety instructions (mandatory)
  • Briefing on track and path
  • Briefing on driver position
  • Briefing on driving techniques
  • When possible, an instructor will assist our group to show the correct path and eventually drive behind you to evaluate your progression